Bawtry is located in the metropolitan borough of Doncaster on the border with Nottinghamshire, and is situated between Bircotes and Misson at the conjunction of the A614, A631 and A638 roads. The present A638 was for centuries the Great North Road, and in the 20th century the town was a notorious bottleneck, until it was bypassed in 1965. The county boundary with Nottinghamshire runs just to the south of the town and for this reason the southernmost house on the Great North Road is named ‘Number One Yorkshire’.


Bawtry Retail Association approached us to work alongside them on their Social Media and to help create a directory for 80 businesses that are apart of the association.

During the process, we’ve created a wonderful directory where people are able to find everything in Bawtry from individual business listings to the latest events in and around town.

Since we have taken over the Social Media of Visit Bawtry there has been a huge increase in the engagement of users on the page. We have been running active campaigns which promote events taking place within Bawtry, what Bawtry has to offer along with posting on individual business pages.

This project is one that we’re tremendously proud to be a part of! Take a look at the website here: